« First impressions he was very polite, chatty and very down to earth. We sat and had a chat about some ideas and outfits. He was very informative and very professional and offered me lots of good information… We then went on to shoot and he gave great direction, I was very impressed with his kit, we got on well we had a good laugh, I thoroughly enjoyed myself!! I can’t wait to shoot with him again! »
Bori Kreutz

« Julien is a reassuring photographer. A funny and relaxing atmosphere, but at the same time very thoughtful and careful makes things easier to unfold. To be redone with great pleasure. »
Alexia Sanzio

« True, natural moments with a touch of fun. »
Stéphanie de Sousa

« A nice meeting that gave rise to a beautiful session. What more? A photographer I highly recommend. »
Alyssia Rose

« A very relaxed photographer who knows how to put his models in confidence, the work remains serious having both a good atmosphere! A nice moment shared with a nice person. To redo again without hesitation. »
Justine Tribout

« A very nice photographer, who knows how to manage while being forgotten to leave the model alone with the camera. »
Elodie Hernandez

« A true and spontaneous encounter. A photographer who directly appeared to me passionate, sensitive and patient at the same time. I am always fascinated by his photos. »
Violette Nottebaert